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Friday, July 30, 2010

new meta search engine-

The New Search Engine

People who use the internet have one type of website that is essential to be able to search the World Wide Web. These are search engines. Search engines are there to be able to help internet surfers to find websites pertaining to a particular topic or a specific need for information regarding a product, history and anything relevant in searching a specific word. This is very important for people who are trying to research over the internet because without search engines then it will difficult to actually find all pertinent websites that you would need to get the data for the research being done.

The drawback of search engines is simple. Too many duplicates come out and there are just far too many websites that can be accessed to search. This means that it would be hard to find more information since there are just too many duplicates which just show the same website over and over again. This makes the research hard to finish because there is a need to scroll down more pages rather than just scanning on each result knowing that they are all different websites. Through, scanning for different websites have never been easier for an internet user. is an innovative search engine website which simplified everything for the user. It is a given that the main search engines over the internet are Yahoo, Google and Bing. Imagine being able to access the entire top ranked searches through these three websites in just one click. This is now possible through Once a word is searched, the results would include all of those from Yahoo, Google and Bing. There would not be any problems in trying to get more information because a user of can just filter the results and remove all the duplicates making it a breeze to go through the all the results.
If there is a need to search multiple websites for information then for sure it would be hard to remember all the websites that have related information on what is needed. allows a user to bookmark web pages which means there is no need to list down all the websites that have the information. It is now easier to go back to the websites because bookmarking works like a sticky bulletin board. Working a research is now more reliable and a lot more effective through this great feature of works as an added plug in for firefox users. This is a great addition to the firefox browser because this search engines shows an enhanced capability of a new and innovative search engine which would definitely be the talk of the town soon. Searching for details over the internet should be easy and does that for internet users.

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