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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Selling A Business NY,NYC,NJ,CT,PA- New Report Reveals Positive Sign In The Econom

Selling A Business in the North East- New Report Reveals Positive Sign In The Economy

Amidst all the bad news a positive sign in the economy not enough businesses being sold.

Although there are multitudes of buyers in line waiting to buy up businesses there have not been enough businesses for sale in the NY ,NJ,CT area. In a recent study conducted by Libin & Katz Business Brokers of NYC, there is an extreme shortage of business owners selling their businesses in the northeast contrary to the failing economy.

The research has been compiled and completed, and the results are in. Libin and Katz Business Brokers of New York City for over thirty years have recently completed a series of studies in regards to the buyers and sellers markets within the realm of business. The results have shown that although the economy is poor, there aren’t that many sales taking place. This is very problematic seeing how there is an overabundance in buyers wanting to buy businesses, and a lack of business owners that have their businesses up for sale.

The business brokerage firm, Libin and Katz, has been running full page ads in the New York Times for the last thirty years connecting buyers and sellers. The staggering results from their recent study has revealed for the first time ever, that there is an over abundance of investors eager to invest with cash in hand, waiting impatiently for businesses to invest in ,but to their disappointment, there are no businesses to put their money into. In fact, the majority of business brokerages in the north east, have actually stopped accepting buyers looking to buy businesses and are only accepting clients looking to sell businesses.

Libin and Katz Business Brokerage and Business Consultants are based in Brooklyn, NYC and have been helping people and business owners alike with their business sales, purchases, and consulting for over thirty years.

For those that wish to sell their businesses, they can get in touch with Libin and Katz by going to their website or by calling their home offices using the number offered on the website.

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Libin & Katz Business Brokerage-

3900 12th Ave, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11218

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