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Friday, September 18, 2009

Credit Cards- Chase Reward Card

Chase offers proprietary rewards credit cards
The Chase Saphire was introduced on the nineteenth of last month. It is used on the affluent market and is the next generation of reward credit cards. Chase is attempting with this new card to adhere to the needs of those few households that are top customers. Numbering in only fifteen percent of Chase’s costumer total, they are to be treated as such.

The Saphire and its counter-part, the Saphire preferred, will both feature many useful services. Included are premium travel services and the availability of a twenty-four hour customer service team. They are highly trained in all the service of Chase and can aid the consumer should the be any problems, at any time. Another feature of the Saphire is that it puts members on the rewards list, to include free travel and other such prizes.

Indeed, the rewards could be substantial. Also, for every dollar you spend on your Chase Saphire card, you will earn one point. In the near future, Chase will be working with the Travel Channel on further integrations regarding the Saphire Credit Card

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